Payroll Services

Accurate. Easy. Convenient. Our affordable payroll solutions provide worry-free days so you can get back to running your business.

HR Solutions

We provide hassle-free HR solutions such as applicant tracking, employee onboarding, pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation and employee loans.

Workforce Platforms

From HUB, HR360 and PUSH text messaging, we provide online workforce platforms and other efficient tools to help you and your employees achieve your goals.

A Few Words About Us

Capital Payroll Systems is locally owned and operated in Barnstable, Massachusetts and has been providing payroll services for over 25 years. Our client base is varied and encompasses the very small to the large employee based nationwide companies. Our professional services are cost-effective and designed to provide our clients with dependable, personalized and accurate solutions to their payroll challenges. Our team is accountable to you.

Why Partner With Us?

Benefits of outsourcing your payroll to Capital Payroll Systems include reduced labor costs, improved federal and state compliance, reduced liability, enhanced security, time and productivity savings, professional support and peace of mind. Our services are simplified, streamlined and stress-free! Request a quote today!

Browse Our Client Resources

Our resource center page provides links and information for your day to day business needs as well as information that better positions your business for the long term.